BCCI stitches IPL sponsorship with Tata and Tata became the new sponsor of IPL 2022

Tata Group replaces Vivo as IPL title sponsors

For the past several years, it is seen that companies are showing a lot of interest regarding the sponsorship of IPL. So that the result is coming out here, that every year the sponsors of the IPL cricket league are changing. Last year, this sponsorship was with Vivo and before that, it was with Dream11. Vivo has had the most number of years of sponsorship in its history. The Sponsorship was taken from Vivo after Coronavirus. The biggest reason behind this is China because Vivo is a Chinese company and BCCI had taken this decision even after seeing India’s deteriorating relationship with China.

Tata Group replaces Vivo as IPL title sponsors

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There were many companies in the sponsorship race that year, in which the names of many big MNCs were also coming, but in the end, dream11 won that auction and he was the sponsor of IPL Cricket League of 2020. This year you will not see Vivo as an IPL sponsor because this time “Tata Group” has taken the responsibility of sponsoring IPL. Along with this, in the years 2022 and 2023, all of you will see Tata sponsoring the IPL league. The IPL Governing Council has also approved Tata for the sponsorship of IPL on Tuesday.

IPL deal with Tatas

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In the 2022 year’s IPL season, you all will also see two new teams in ipl (Lucknow and Ahmedabad). Along with this, the conversation about both these teams is very much in media, because they will be completely new teams and many players are in this race to become the captains of these teams, now it will be a matter to see which player will get this responsibility.

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