Today IPL Match Prediction

Today IPL Match Prediction 2022: Who will win Today IPL Match Prediction

Today IPL Match Prediction 2022 | IPL Prediction 2022: hello everyone, IPL is the short abbreviation of the Indian Premier League. Is the most celebrated joyful event in India and all over the world. And people are willing to know who will win the IPL Today Match Prediction.

As IPL season 15 has started people are wanting to know more about who will win Today’s IPL Match Prediction for Today’s IPL Toss prediction. One of the biggest events in India is IPL.

As we all know that in season 13 Mumbai Indians won the trophy of IPL after defeating the Delhi capitals. They hold three trophies of IPL but this current season 15 is the most awaited. As this year IPL is going to be played in India. And as per the norms audience will be allowed to see the matches.

Today IPL Match Winner Prediction

I believe the last IPL season must have been great for you as per your favourite team. As we know that IPL has a different passion all over India. And everybody is very interested in Who will be the winner of today’s IPL Match. If you want to know which team will win today’s IPL match, then you have come to the right place. We had helped many people in the last year also to know the answer to this question. People always want Today IPL Match Prediction from an astrologer.

As per our last year’s experience, I can surely guarantee you that our IPL prediction is almost every time correct and to the point, we never fail to provide you best today ipl match prediction.

IPL Match Winner Prediction 2022 | IPL Prediction 2022

As we all know that it is going to be the IPL 15 season and as far as the fans of IPL are concerned, they always want to know the IPL Prediction of today’s match. We will give you the daily IPL match predictions every day through this website, so stay connected with us so that you do not miss any predictions of ours.

I would like to tell all of you who are reading this article that every day we will post a new article which will tell all of you people who will be the winner of Today IPL Match.

Who will win Today IPL Match Prediction 2022 Report

As we all want to know that who will win today’s IPL match prediction 2022. I would like to assure you that our prediction for today’s match has a very less chance to be wrong.

As I have already told you guys that last year our success rate has been very great. Given below is a table of all IPL 2022 matches to be played and we will update this table on regular basis with the name of the winner team prediction of the day.

9 April 20217:30pmMI Vs RCBChennaiUpdated Soon
10 April 20217:30pmCSK Vs DCMumbaiUpdated Soon
11 April 20217:30pmSRH Vs KKRChennaiUpdated Soon
12 April 20217:30pmRR Vs PBKSMumbaiUpdated Soon
13 April 20217:30pmKKR Vs MIChennaiUpdated Soon
14 April 20217:30pmSRH Vs RCBChennaiUpdated Soon
15 April 20217:30pmRR Vs DCMumbaiUpdated Soon
16 April 20217:30pmPBKS Vs CSKMumbaiUpdated Soon
17 April 20217:30pmMI Vs SRHChennaiUpdated Soon
18 April 20213:30pmRCB Vs KKRChennaiUpdated Soon
18 April 20217:30pmDC Vs PBKSMumbaiUpdated Soon
19 April 20217:30pmCSK Vs RRMumbaiUpdated Soon
20 April 20217:30pmDC Vs MIChennaiUpdated Soon
21 April 20213:30pmPBKS Vs SRHChennaiUpdated Soon
21 April 20217:30pmKKR Vs CSKMumbaiUpdated Soon
22 April 20217:30pmRCB Vs RRMumbaiUpdated Soon
23 April 20217:30pmPBKS Vs MIChennaiUpdated Soon
24 April 20217:30pmRR Vs KKRMumbaiUpdated Soon
25 April 20217:30pmCSK Vs RCBMumbaiUpdated Soon
25 April 20217:30pmSRH Vs DCChennaiUpdated Soon
26 April 20217:30pmPBKS Vs KKRAhmedabadUpdated Soon
27 April 20217:30pmDC Vs RCBAhmedabadUpdated Soon
28 April 20217:30pmCSK Vs SRHDelhiUpdated Soon
29 April 20213:30pmMI Vs RRDelhiUpdated Soon
29 April 20217:30pmDC Vs KKRAhmedabadUpdated Soon
30 April 20213:30pmPBKS Vs RCBAhmedabadUpdated Soon
1 May 20217:30pmMI Vs CSKDelhiUpdated Soon
2 May 20217:30pmRR Vs SRHDelhiUpdated Soon
2 May 20217:30pmPBKS Vs DCAhmedabadUpdated Soon
3 May 20217:30pmKKR Vs RCBAhmedabadUpdated Soon
4 May 20217:30pmSRH Vs MIDelhiUpdated Soon
5 May 20217:30pmRR Vs CSKDelhiUpdated Soon
6 May 20213:30pmRCB Vs PBKSAhmedabadUpdated Soon
7 May 20217:30pmSRH Vs CSKDelhiUpdated Soon
8 May 20213:30pmKKR Vs DCAhmedabadUpdated Soon
8 May 20217:30pmRR Vs MIDelhiUpdated Soon
9 May 20213:30pmCSK Vs PBKSBangaloreUpdated Soon
9 May 20217:30pmRCB Vs SRHKolkataUpdated Soon
10May 20217:30pmMI Vs KKRBangaloreUpdated Soon
11 May 20217:30pmDC Vs RRKolkataUpdated Soon
12 May 20217:30pmCSK Vs KKRBangaloreUpdated Soon
13 May 20213:30pmMI Vs PBKSBangaloreUpdated Soon
13 May 20217:30pmSRH Vs RRKolkataUpdated Soon
14 May 20213:30pmRCB Vs DCKolkataUpdated Soon
15 May 20217:30pmKKR Vs PBKSBangaloreUpdated Soon
16 May 20217:30pmRR Vs RCBKolkataUpdated Soon
16 May 20217:30pmCSK Vs MIBangaloreUpdated Soon
17 May 20217:30pmDC Vs SRHKolkataUpdated Soon
18 May 20217:30pmKKR Vs RRBangaloreUpdated Soon
19 May 20217:30pmSRH Vs PBKSBangaloreUpdated Soon
20 May 20217:30pmRCB Vs MIKolkataUpdated Soon
21 May 20213:30pmKKR Vs SRHBangaloreUpdated Soon
21 May 20217:30pmDC Vs CSKKolkataUpdated Soon
22 May 20217:30pmPBKS Vs RRBangaloreUpdated Soon
23 May 20213:30pmMI Vs DCKolkataUpdated Soon
23 May 20217:30pmRCB Vs CSKKolkataUpdated Soon
25 May 20217:30pmQUALIFIER 1AhmedabadUpdated Soon
26 May 20217:30pmELIMINATORAhmedabadUpdated Soon
28 May 20217:30pmQUALIFIER 2AhmedabadUpdated Soon
30 May 20217:30pmFINALAhmedabadUpdated Soon
ipl 2021 match schedule date

As I have told you guys we will update this article table regularly with the name of today’s IPL winning team. We will update this article every day 1 hour before the match starts. So stay tuned with us if you don’t want to miss any update off IPL match prediction.

There have been some teams who have been very unlucky as they have never won the IPL championship even a single time. Out of 13 teams that have played IPL editions, Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians are the only two teams who are able to lift the IPL trophy 3 times.


Every IPL Fan asked these questions

Who will win Today IPL Match Prediction?

The First match of IPL will be played between RCB and MI which is going to be a interesting match. And winner for the Today IPL Match will be declared 1 hour before the match starts.

Which is the strongest team of IPL 2022?

According to me All the 8 teams are best in them but this time in 2022 RCB, MI, CSK, DC will come out as the strongest of all them.

How many teams are there in IPL 2022?

There is a increase in a number of team which is 8 Teams to 10 Teams.

Who will win the first match of IPL 2022?

Once the proper team should be announced by MI vs RCB we will Predict the winning team soon. It would be updated in our IPL MATCH PREDICTION 2022 Table.

Who will win IPL 2022 Winner Prediction?

As per the pervious records of the teams the IPL 2022 winner can be CSK, MI, RCB, DC.

Indian Premier League Winner List 2008-2021

List of winners of IPL Championship from 2008 to 2021:-

IPL 2008: RR won the final by 3 wickets against CSK.

Score: RR 164/7 (20 overs) and CSK 163/5 (20 overs).

IPL 2009: Deccan Chargers won this edition by 6 runs against RCB.

Score: DC 143/6 (20 overs) and RCB 143/6 (20 overs).

IPL 2010: CSK won by 22 runs against MI.

Score: CSK 168/5 (20 overs) and MI 146/9 (20 overs).

IPL 2011: CSK won by 58 runs against RCB.

Score : CSK 205/5 (20 overs) and RCB 147/8 (20 overs).

IPL 2012: KKR won by 5 wickets against CSK.

Score: KKR 192/5 (19.4 overs) and CSK 190/3 (20 overs).

IPL 2013: MI won by 23 runs against CSK.

Score: MI 148/9 (20 overs) and CSK 125/9 (20 overs).

IPL 2014: KKR won by 3 wickets against KXIP.

Score: KKR 200/7 (19.3 overs) and KXIP 199/4 (20 overs).

IPL 2015: MI won by 41 runs against CSK.

Score: MI 202/5 (20 overs) and CSK  161/8 (20 overs).

IPL 2016: SH won by 8 runs against RCB.

Score: SH 208/7 (20 overs) and RCB 200/7 (20 overs).

IPL 2017: MI won by 1 run against Rising Pune Supergiants.

Score: MI 129/8 ( 20 overs) and RPS 128/6 (20 overs).

IPL 2018: CSK won by 8 wickets against SH.

Score: CSK 181/2 (18.3 overs)  and  SH 178/6 (20 overs ).

IPL 2019: MI Won by 1 Run against CSK.

Score: MI 149/8 (20 Overs) and CSK 148/7 (20 Overs).

IPL 2020: MI won by 5 wickets against the DC.

Score: MI 157/5 (18.4 overs) and DC 156/7 (20 overs).

IPL 2021: Chennai Super Kings won by 27 runs.

Score: CSK 192/5 (20 overs) and KKR 165/7 (20 overs).


I Hope after reading this article all you doubts regarding Today IPL Match Prediction and IPL 2022 Winner Prediction are cleared and if you have any doubts you can comment below will be happy to help you out.

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