Officials predict more positive cases and share the possible reason for how the virus breached IPL bio-bubble.

how the virus breached IPL bio-bubble

As we know, IPL 2021 was suspended by BCCI for indefinite time due to 4 players was tested positive to Covid 19.

All the players remained in their bio-bubble and followed all the protocols strictly but they couldn’t keep themselves unaffected by the virus, which forced the BCCI to suspend the season for the safety of players and staff members.

Organizers are scared that more players and staff members may be affected by this virus. They told that the bio bubble was breached and everyone is worried and we don’t know how many players and staff members had affected by this.

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how the virus breached IPL bio-bubble
how the virus breached IPL bio-bubble

IPL  Governing Council Chairman Brijesh Patel told about possible routes from which the virus infected the Players could be

The contagious nature new coronavirus of the covid second wave, he said this covid virus is spreading through the air and it is the possible reason for this situation, even food was ordered from outside that could be the other reason.

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